martes, 25 de julio de 2017

Day 1 .
Daily Report : Tercero B .
D.GRUPO: Hoy los estudiantes presentaron martes de prueba.
·         Teacher Juan Carlos Copete: Today we had workbook group work. HOMEWORK FOR DAY 5 (31 JUL):  Preparar presentación oral ( 1 minuto) con información del ejercicio 3 pág. 47 del Workbook.
·         TEACHER JHON: Today we had a class where we practiced the use of “this, that, these and those”.
·         Teacher Marina: We reviewed the vocabulary from the unit as well as 2 grammar points: Would you like a … / some & there is a … / there are …..s (student book and workbook p. 49). PROXIMA CLASE: Evaluación de la unit 4.
·         TEACHER LEYDY: Students worked on page 73 and practiced adjectives, comparatives and superlatives. Students in line 2 had an excellent participation in class, congratulations!
Thank you
Primary teachers and Coordination

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